Born in Marseille on the 30th of October 1952, Yvon Bonnaffoux is the painter of an intimate and exalted Provence. But he has also an abstract approach in the works he named “Allegories”.
Through his oil technique « in the paste » applied with deft touches of the palette knife, the artist gives to the material and the perspectives an astounding realism, a deeply touching luminosity effect.
« Yvon Bonnaffoux releases his emotions on the pathways of Provence. Come through his windows… Windows through which the sun is pouring in : here as a sweeping light, there flooding the countryside at the peak heat of the day… The wheat fields starred with poppies, the blossoming almond trees, the flamboyant gorses, these olive trees sculptured by the wind, this path bathed in the sunshine which snakes a few meters through dense thickets and appears to emerge from the nurturing rocks : all the magic of Provence, Yvon Bonnaffoux has re-created this on his canvasses.
(Translation of an extract from CARNET DE PROVENCE, n°40)
Artist referenced in " Drouot cotation " since 2002.

Manosque: Exhibition at Fondation Carzou from September 12 to 29, 2013 – Alpes de Haute Provence
Yvon Bonnaffoux gave colours to the Carzou white exhibition room. The painter, worldwide known, is presenting forty of his paintings until September 29, 2013. The notes are to music what the words are to poetry and colours are to painting. Yvon gives specific notes to his colours to make visual poetry. Such notes come from the light and the sensitivity he’s been revealing for forty years.
Only five colours and white were enough to paint about 2,000 canvasses !
Every year, he shows his work at the “Les Amis des Arts” gallery (cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence) and at the “Watercolor Gallery” of Laguna Beach in California.
This exhibition is a visual delight. The subtlety of the details reveals the quality of his talent. Yvon picks the colours fallen from the sky with the tip of his two knives.
Translation of an article from La Provence , 2013.

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Some speak about the country : Yvon Bonnaffoux paints it. This Provence, his cradle, so many times offered to the landscapes painters’ palette, saves the secrets of its timeless beauty to the local boy.
In any season it brings him through its light pathways : olive trees, almond trees, poppies, rare snow in the winter, white light and blue lavender of the summer, tones turned brown by the autumn or the soft green of the spring : nothing escapes from Bonnaffoux’s look and knife.
From crossroads to isolated seashores, from cut hay to quiet pools, his painting is a hymn to silence and light. He invites us to a nap at the edge of a path among weeds and flowers, he invites us to take our time, to be full of the moment beyond the simple memory.
Yvon Bonnaffoux’s work is both an intimate quest at the heart of a secret Provence and a desire of sharing the good living in his country with a legitimate pride.
Translation of an extract of "Art, des mots, des œuvres", Regards editions, 2008.
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